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    visiTor on Tour - Amsterdam

    Trade Talk: App-tastic ISE 2012
    By Peter Aylett, Home Technology Associates

    "With the recent cancellation of The Home Technology Event by CEDIA, Integrated Systems Europe 2012 took on the mantle of being the premier platform for product, networking and apr├Ęs-show shenanigans for the residential technology industry. In terms of sheer numbers, the show certainly did not disappoint - having broken both the 40,000 attendees and 800 exhibitor milestones for the first time.

    The show was, however, representative of the lack of real R&D cash for many companies that manifested itself as being a year of evolution rather than revolution. Of course there were new products, but these seemed to be developments of existing ones rather than a blow-your-mind/create-a-new-product-category type product.


    The only exception to the above was a product that I doubt will find mass market appeal, but was clever nonetheless. This was an interface that 'app-enables' a standard analogue door-entry phone to allow homeowners to see and have full duplex conversation with someone at their door via an Apple iOS device. Though niche, the product showed what I perceived as a huge trend at the show - the app enabling of the majority of subsystems that are used in the industry.

    The visiomatic visiTor door-entry system app-enables a standard door entry phone, and allows you to see from your iPhone or iPad who is ringing at the door, talk to the person and even open the door ... "

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